Novel Proteins and Food Allergies

By Claudia Loomis

One of the most frequently asked questions we get from our customers is which food we recommend for a pet who has been diagnosed with food allergies. The list of food allergies that we see is staggeringly long. Commonly pets diagnosed by their vet with a food allergy are placed on a prescription diet. These prescription diets are overly processed, contain hydrolyzed ingredients that are not natural, and many require a degree in chemistry to pronounce.

CB Pet Market has a more holistic approach to diet and nutrition for the many pets who have real food allergies.  It starts with us asking questions about the symptoms your pet is experiencing, getting to know what your pet has been fed in the past, and understanding what foods have been tried to address the allergy.  Once we have a background we can then discuss options. 

Without exception we always recommend feeding pets with food allergies a food where the main ingredient is from a single source of protein. More specifically we like to make sure that the food we recommend is made with a novel protein, one that your pet has not tried at any point in the past. At Cherrybrook we have many novel protein options to choose from. Offering a wide selection of novel proteins means that we have a great chance of finding a protein that is agreeable to your pet and will help to relieve their allergy symptoms. 

In addition we have many foods with limited ingredients. The fewer the ingredients in a food, the lower the chances that your pet will react to something in their food that will trigger an allergic response. All of our limited ingredient diets are single protein foods and many of options are novel proteins. Single source and novel protein foods come in all varieties, kibble, can, raw, freeze dried, and dehydrated. The novel proteins we offer include commonly known proteins as well as exotic proteins. The list of novel proteins include:

Venison                                    Unagi                                    Trout
Bison                                        Hoki                                      Salmon
Kangaroo                                  Goat                                      Pork
Boar                                          Brushtail                               Salmon
Alligator                                   Rabbit                                   Tripe

This list of novel proteins continues to grow. If a novel protein is recommended, it is important to feed that protein exclusively. In the past this has meant forgoing even occasional treats for your pet. But that is no longer necessary. CB Pet Market carries an extensive selection of novel protein treats to compliment your pets novel protein limited ingredient diet. Or you can eliminate protein based treats altogether in favor of a pumpkin or sweet potato treat that will not interfere with your pet’s limited ingredient diet. 

CB Pet Market is proud to offer many all natural and holistic options for pets that suffer with food allergies. Plus we have a knowledgeable and experienced staff that is eager to help you navigate through the different choices and help you select a diet that will give your pet the ability to live allergy symptom free!