Our Rebranding Story: Say Hello to CB Pet Market!

With the recent surge of pet adoptions and increased interest in fur-family wellness, CB Pet Market saw this as an opportunity to build bigger than ever before.

In September 2021, the company announced that their retail stores were rebranding as “CB Pet Market” from “Cherrybrook Pet Supplies,” doubling down on their dedication to holistic pet nutrition + wellness. As part of its rebranding, CB Pet Market opened a newly branded store in Clinton, New Jersey. Their five other NJ retail locations in Bedminster, Garwood, Livingston, Martinsville, & Washington will soon follow suit and take on the new identity as well. 

Throughout its 50+ year history, Cherrybrook established itself in the animal welfare community initially through show exhibit booths, then retail stores and e-commerce. The differing sectors of the business lent itself to two distinct customer bases — pet enthusiasts and pet professionals. To properly serve each of these customer bases, the decision was made to give pet parents their own identity apart from the show world, and thus, CB Pet Market was born.


Cherrybrook Pet Supplies remains to serve the needs of the grooming and show dog community both at dog shows and through its online presence. Retail locations will operate as  CB Pet Market, streamlining services so that pet parents can find everything they need in one easy stop-and-shop location.


“Our roots run deep...over 50 years of bringing breeders, groomers, and pet professionals world-class products as Cherrybrook,” said CB Pet Market President Claudia Loomis. “But as our stores evolved to focus on the needs of pet parents, it became clear that our store identity had to evolve as well. Our new name and branding more clearly expresses our focus and commitment to your pet's health and wellness.”

CB Pet Market’s emphasis on pet nutrition is demonstrated through a carefully curated food line-up and dedication to education. With highly trained staff and pet wellness seminars, CB Pet Market totes itself as New Jersey’s local pet care partner - ready to provide nutritional guidance to passionate pet parents and their furbabies. 

The push to premium pet wellness services is part of a bigger trend among the pet industry. In the U.S, sales for the overall pet care market reached a record breaking $109 billion in 2021 according to the American Pet Products Association (APPA). Pet food and treats accounted for $44 billion of that record breaking total and represented a 17.7% increase from 2019. Case in point: analysts were expecting a 4% increase but the puppy pandemic boom nearly quadrupled that estimate.

The increased amount of time we spend at home has proven that consumers are more dedicated to their pets than ever before. CB Pet Market is excited about this pet renaissance and ready to continue furthering pet wellness through their premium product line and grooming services.

The rebranding may bring with it a new name and logo, but the mission and owners remain the same. The increased focus on the local retail market will benefit New Jersey pets + strengthen the bonds between you and your best buddy. Stop by your local CB Pet Market and check out the new branding for yourself!