Why Choose Natural Pet Food?

by Alexis Esty

Health improvement is the main reason people choose to eat natural and organic foods. Foods that are 100% natural are healthier than those with synthetic additives, which are believed to cause cancer and other health problems. Supporting small farms, improving the environment and better-tasting and fresher foods are some other organic food benefits.

So why is natural, holistic food better?

Some pet foods have labels such as “meat by-products” and “meat meal”, which leave too much to the imagination. These vague ingredient listings can be used to describe parts of the animal that are left after the meat has been harvested for human consumption. These parts may include hooves, beaks, heads, bones, feet, kidneys, brain, intestines, etc.; inedible parts that are poor sources of protein. These terms can also be used to explain meat products of animals we would not consider suitable for human consumption, such as road-kill, sick livestock, zoo animals and even other pets!

In 2007, the government ordered a recall of dozens of dog food brands due to tainted ingredients. Wheat, corn and rice gluten contained melamine, a chemical used in plastics that causes renal failure when ingested. After dogs and cats died as a direct result of the melamine, people realized the importance of knowing exactly what their pets ate.

No matter what type of food you use, you should always choose a natural food that contains a primary source of protein – beef, chicken, fish, pork or lamb, etc. Organic meats are considered to be the best because the animals used receive healthy feed without preservatives or ingredients treated with pesticides. Organic vegetables do not sit in pesticides or unhealthy fertilizers. Cancer rates in animals served organic foods are generally lower than those fed non-organic food. The risk of digesting toxic preservatives or ingredients disappears. Best of all, with natural organic pet food, the vitamins and mineral levels do not diminish. Foods laced with artificial preservatives sit for longer periods and lose some of their nutritional value over time.

There are several benefits to feeding your pet natural pet food
Reduction of skin ailments and allergies is just one benefit. Choose a food that is made with all organic ingredients, it is free of artificial colors and flavor enhancers, chemical additives, and toxic pesticides that could possibly be the source of allergies. Foods containing quality protein and grain sources of exceptional nutritional value will support your dog’s immune system.

Another benefit of feeding your pet natural, healthy, holistic pet food is more energy and a healthy weight. The superior quality of holistic dog food is naturally more nutritious and owners report their dogs eat less than other commercial varieties. Healthy food doesn’t contain bulk fillers and dogs seem to be more satisfied eating smaller amounts of tasty, nutrient-dense foods.

Healthier pet foods relate to fewer digestive disorders
Superior sources of grains and proteins and a lack of chemicals and artificial substances make organic dog food more digestible. If your dog vomits occasionally after meals or commonly experiences gas, bloating or diarrhea, you should check with your vet to make sure there isn’t an underlying problem. In the absence of another cause, feed your dog a natural or organic diet. Easily digestible oats, barley or other natural whole grains and a human grade protein source such as turkey, lamb or chicken, etc, make a tremendous difference to your dog’s digestive system. Rather than consuming corn or other bulk fillers and chemical additives, your dog will ingest only what it needs for healthy metabolic functioning. They also tend to have more predictable bowel movements with firm, less smelly stools.

Your pet will have better overall health and a stronger immunity
Although nearly every brand of dog food claims to be “nutritionally complete”, most veterinarians still recommend “premium” brands of dog food over “grocery store” varieties. Holistic, natural or organic dog food provides better quality sources of nutritional substances than even the non-organic, premium brands. It is more digestible so dogs are likely to absorb rather than eliminate more of the nutrients they require to maintain a healthy immune system. Boosting your dog’s immunity may help prevent costly infections that require veterinarian care.

Feeding a healthy diet will improve the quality of life and longevity
Just as the quality of your diet effects the quality of your life, what you feed your dog will have direct impact on how he or she looks, feels and acts. By feeding holistic, natural or organic food, you can help insure your dog lives a long, healthy and happy life. A luxurious, shiny coat, energy to run and play, a healthy weight and a strong immune system can maximize your dog’s life expectancy and quality of life into old age.

Cherrybrook, the Natural Choice for Healthy Pets, carries a large selection of natural and holistic dog food and cat food. Our knowledgeable associates can assist you in selecting a quality pet food that your pet will enjoy eating and you can be assured that you are giving them a healthy diet that is not only free of artificial ingredients but also environmentally friendly.