The Perfect Leash and The Perfect Collar

Walking a dog on a leash puts stress and tension on our hand, arm and body and the dog’s neck and back, resulting in injuries to ourselves and our pets. Most dog leashes carry bacteria and mold because of their material components.

The Perfect Leash is an innovative patented design made of a proprietary polyurethane material. The leash stretches, reducing the shock and tension to a dog’s neck and back and the handler’s body. The unique rebounding properties provide a correction to a pulling or unruly dog without the handler pulling or tugging on the leash. Leash training dogs is now much gentler on the handler. At the end of the day simply wash away any bacteria by using soap and water or a mild household chemical. The Perfect Leash is a better and healthier way to walk a dog.

The Perfect Leash, like so many innovations, was born out of necessity. Deb Dersham was not happy with the leashes available to work her bird dogs on her 300 acre farm. The leashes were the wrong length, they ripped or frayed easily, they got soaking wet and dirty, and quickly became smelly. Wrapping the rough nylon around her hand made Dersham uncomfortable and sometimes left red marks. Meanwhile, Dersham and her husband were looking for a durable polyurethane material for another outdoor product application. The search for a material that met their demanding specifications married with a search for a well designed leash.

That was in 2003. Since then, the Dershams have continually refined and improved the products design. They have tested the leash on their own dogs, and consulted with industry experts. To their delight, The Perfect Leash was very well received by wholesalers and distributors, professional dog walkers and trainers, and dog lovers.

Frequently Asked Questions about The PerfectLeash:

Why is it perfect?
The Perfect Leash provides a better walk for all dogs. The proprietary material and design protects the dog’s neck and the handlers hand, arm, and shoulder from strain. The Perfect Leash is endorsed by Dr. David Ciliento, D.C. As a chiropractor he has seen the body’s effects after walking dogs and highly recommends The Perfect Leashes to his patients with dogs. Whether you walk a small Pug or a large Newfoundland, The Perfect Leashes and The Perfect Collars fit all dogs and are enjoyable to walk under any condition.The leash’s rebound also helps to correct tugging, pulling on leash or other unruly dog behavior by providing an immediate correction when the dog pulls. Both the dog and the handler are more comfortable.

Other features of The Perfect Leash include a patented handle designed to comfortably fit adults and children; a high quality, stainless steel clasp; and durable stretch material that won’t crack, break, fray or absorb doggy odors. The polyurethane material will withstand temperatures of extreme cold and heat. The leash comes with a manufacturer’s guarantee on the material and workmanship.

The Perfect Leash is made to use in the harshest of conditions; extreme cold, extreme heat, boating, hunting, dog sports and dog agility, field trials, even dock dogs enjoy Perfect Leashes and collars. The Perfect Leashes and collars will remain like new year after year, no more mold and mildew or doggy odors.

Does it come in a variety of sizes and colors?
The Perfect Leash comes in two sizes and four colors. The Heeler is a short (14 inches) leash, designed for situations when you want the dog to stay close and secure by your side. The Walker is longer (35 inches). Its length works well for walking smaller dogs or for giving bigger dogs more freedom.

Both sizes of The Perfect Leash come in a variety of colors.

How long will it last?
The patented leash is made of a proprietary polyurethane material that stands up to UV rays, ozone, heat and cold and most household chemicals. It will not break, crack or fray. It can be easily cleaned with soap and water.

The Perfect Leash is proudly Made in the USA and comes with a lifetime material defect guarantee.

The Perfect Collar The Perfect Collar is made to last and is very healthy for dogs. Made specially for Cherrybrook of poly coated webbing, they remain soft and pliable even in very cold, hot or humid conditions. It will not break, fray, crack or get brittle with outdoor use.

The Perfect Collars will not absorb water or odors; therefore they are mold and mildew resistant. Simply cleaning the collar regularly will ensure no bacteria will be in contact with the dog’s neck.

The Perfect Collar comes in a variety of colors. They are available in 3 widths: 1”, 5/8” and 1/2” and range in lengths from 8 to 26 inches. A hunting dog collar is available in blaze orange with a center O-ring. The Perfect hunting collar is 1” wide and available in lengths from 14 to 20 inches.

Testimonials about The Perfect Leash and The Perfect Collar
"I have personally used The Perfect Leashes with my own dogs and highly recommend them for my patients with pets. Great product!"
Dr. David Ciliento, D.C.

"As a professional groomer, I have to handle all size dogs in an environment less than perfect for controlling mold, mildew and bacteria. I use The Perfect Leashes and collars and recommend them to all my customers. I love The Perfect Leash product line."
Anne Hennessy

Excerpts from a letter to Deb Dersham, the creator of The Perfect Leash …"As I explained to you, I have been training dogs for over a decade and specialize in the larger breed training….My two Rotts pull horribly on a leash…I took both my dogs out on your leashes without their gentle leaders. Fearing the worst with my recent shoulder injury, I prepared myself to let go of the leash if needed in the event they pulled too much. I was so amazed at the self correcting design of these leashes. My dogs began to pull, and the “give & return” of the material corrected them without any instruction/correction from me, and I did not have to drop either leash. The energy absorption is truly magnificent, and I will certainly recommend these leashes to all of my clients, especially those that have the “problem” dogs. The fact that these can be sanitized so easy is so important to my wife and I due to the nature of our business."
Steve Ferry, Dog Trainer and Dr. Rachel Parks, DVM

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