The Effects of Saltwater on a Dogs Coat

Summer is the time when many people, and their dogs, vacation at the beach. In warmer climates, your dog may swim in the ocean regularly. Exercising in the water is a low impact activity that helps to improve your dog’s strength, range of motion and endurance.If your dog has arthritis or is recovering from an injury or surgery, your veterinarian may recommend aquatic therapy in a heated salt water pool. The buoyancy of saltwater minimizes weight bearing stress to the joints while the healing properties of salt water go to work to relieve muscle soreness, injuries and skin ailments.The benefits of saltwater for a dog’s physical health are well known, but, salt build-up can be detrimental for a dog’s coat. It can mat soft, wooly undercoats and dry the dog’s hair. Frequent bathing to reduce the amount of salt build-up can further dry out the coat.

Using Clean Start Clarifying Shampoo by Chris Christensen at least once a month should break down the salt build-up. Follow with a good conditioner to help keep the coat from drying out. 

After Bath Final Rinse Solution by Chris Christensen moisturizes and contains apple cider vinegar to lock the cuticle tight.

 In addition, daily use of Ice on Ice Leave in Detangler and Finishing Spray by Chris Christensen will form a protective barrier on the coat to hold in moisture and repel the salt from adhering to the coat.A Chris Christensen T-Brush, available in 16mm and 27mm lengths, is recommended for mats and removal of the dead undercoat. 

The high quality T-Brush is uniquely shaped to be easy on the wrist.Whether your dog surfs, swims or floats, you can minimize the impact of saltwater on his coat with these simple grooming products from Chris Christensen.