Peace and Kindness: the All-Natural Cure!

If you have ever tried to find a natural product that is 100% safe and effective, you probably already know about Peace and Kindness by Chris Christensen Systems. But what is it? Peace and Kindness is an all natural, colloidal silver, skin and coat spray. It is non-toxic, odorless, and colorless, so it is very safe and highly effective. Peace and Kindness is non-stinging and non-burning, so it won't irritate even the most sensitive skin!

Peace and Kindness promotes skin healing and new cell growth. It is safe to use on even the most delicate skin, and won't stain the coat. Plus, Peace and Kindness is also a great germ killer!

There are numerous ways to use Peace and Kindness. It is great for healing cuts and scrapes and is soothing on already irritated hot spots. It works very well as an ear cleaner and helps to prevent ear infections. Peace and Kindness can even be used on wounds in place of hydrogen peroxide!

Many people choose to use Peace and Kindness over other, harsher antibiotics or steroid medications. When brought to the attention of veterinarians by concerned pet owners, even the vets agree that it can help instead of other, more expensive medications!

Peace and Kindness doesn't just work on animals. It works on people too! Many animals and people with irritated skin, eczema, ear infections, sinus problems, even spider bites, among other things, have used Peace and Kindness and are absolutely amazed by the results. Try it yourself. You won't be disappointed!

Take a look at what people have to say:
Great! Great! Great! What a product.......Where has this stuff been all my grooming days. Hate to admit it sometimes but it has been 35yrs. I started when I was two. LoL. This is the greatest thing. I have a German Shepherd that I rescued a number of years ago. He has been seen by a Vet a number of times. All because he had an infection (staph?) or skin irritation of some kind. Never could give me an answer or a cure! Pred/followed by a two week tour of antibiotics only to be fine for a while then back to the same old thing.......Not this time. Peace and Kindness has won my vote. Thank you for such a wonderful product. I've just ordered another bottle.
Thanks, Phyllis