Things to Look for in a Puppy

You’ve decided to get a puppy! But how do you know which one is right for you? First decide on a particular breed that is suitable to your lifestyle. Once you know the breed of puppy you want, the next step is to find a breeder.

Once you have narrowed your search down to a few breeders with the right credentials, schedule appointments to visit the breeders and their dogs. You want to make sure the grounds are well maintained. Some breeders keep their dogs and puppies in the house, while others may use a separate building. Whether the dogs are inside the house or in a separate kennel area, make sure it is clean and doesn’t smell like urine or feces. The kennel area should be bright, not damp, and be heated and air conditioned. If you are told you can’t see the kennel, leave!

Onto the puppies! The main things to look for in a puppy are personality traits. The pup should be happy and outgoing. Puppies that are hiding in a corner and not playing with littermates tend to be introverted and don’t make good pets. You want to find the puppy that has a lot of energy and is very curious about what is going on. Generally, you want a puppy that acts like a pain in the rear! Of course, these are the first puppies to go, so make sure you observe all the puppies together.

Make sure to look at the puppies faces. There should be no mucus from the nose and the eyes, and the nose shouldn’t be running. Watch how the puppies respond to you. They should cock their heads at different sounds, and should appear interested in who you are.

Once you have looked at all the puppies and seen how they interact with you, your family, and each other, you can make a decision on the one you want. Then you can bring your new puppy home!