Selecting the Right Brush For Your Pet's Coat Type

Written by Claudia Loomis

There are many styles of brush to choose from and the right one depends on your pet’s coat type and condition. Here is the low down on the different types of dog brushes:

Slicker Brush: This brush has fine metal prongs set at an angle. A slicker is used to remove dead undercoat and aid in detangling. A soft slicker brush is best on puppies and short coated breeds. A heavy or firm slicker is best on dense coats that are wavy, curly or straight. A slicker should not be used on short haired and fine coated breeds such as Boxers or Great Danes. Slickers come in a number of sizes and shapes. Be careful not to apply too much pressure or force when using a slicker brush as the prongs can cause skin irritation resulting in brush burn.

Pin Brush: These brushes have long rounded metal pins that minimize scratching and potential skin irritation. Pin Brushes are traditionally used on longer coated breeds or dogs whose coats are in good condition because the rounded pins result in less hair breakage. The length of the pin should be long enough to reach the skin in order to de-shed. The pins can be made of Stainless steel, brass- which has antistatic properties, or wood, for the gentlest of brushing experiences. The longer the coat, the longer the pin should be.

Bristle Brush: The bristle brush can be used for both short or long coated breeds that have no undercoat. The bristles can be natural or nylon. It provides a gentle brushing experience but is not a good brush for de-shedding or detangling. It is best for distributing the oils throughout the hair shaft and polishing, or shining, the coat.

Curry Mitt: This rubber mitt comes in various sizes and is used for fine coated or shorthaired dogs. Curry Mitts are also used in the tub as a shampoo brush for almost all coat types. They are at getting loose fur out of the coat quickly and most dogs’ love how they feel on their skin.
Hound Glove: This mitt has little nubs or bristles and is designed to give short or sleek coated breeds the once over. Similar to the Curry Mitt, the hound glove provides a nice massage.
Cherrybrook has many different styles and sizes the above brushes and our associates will be happy to help you choose the perfect one for your pet.

REMEMBER: Never brush a dry dog, a coat conditioner or spray will make the brushing experience easier and protect the coat.