Dog DNA Testing

by Jamie Pyatt

A mutt is a mutt is a mutt…or is it? Mixed breed dogs can feature a larger number of contributing breeds than meets the eye. The dog that looks like a German Shepherd mix can be a Heeler-Chocolate Lab, or the fluffy puppy that you are sure has some sheepdog in him can be a Husky and a Schnauzer mix. Does it matter? Yes and No. You will still love your mixed breed dog no matter what his ancestors were, but knowing which breeds he is made up of may help you to know what health and behavior issues to be alert for. Dog breed DNA testing is an accurate way to determine breed makeup.

DNA, or genetic code, is passed from the sire and dam to the offspring. DNA determines the color of eyes, hair color, size, inherited disease and many other traits. Each cell within a dog contains a complete sample of DNA which is identical to every other cell within that dog and contains all the information about that dog. Because DNA code is unique to that individual, it can be used to distinguish one dog from others.

The AKC has used dog DNA testing to verify parentage of AKC dogs and for genetic identity purposes. The AKC has DNA testing requirements for stud dogs and recommends dog DNA testing for litters in certain cases.

Breed Identification
The DNA Breed Identification Kit uses DNA analysis to determine which dog breeds are present in your mixed breed dog. Knowing which breeds are in the mix will allow you a greater understanding of your dog’s behavior and potential health risks. Dog breed DNA testing is a simple way to increase your knowledge of your dog’s health and habits to ensure you have a long and rewarding relationship with your dog.

Upon receipt of the samples at the BioPet testing site, the samples are analyzed, resulting in a rapid and accurate determination of the breeds that have contributed to the makeup of your dog. You will receive an Ancestry Analysis Certificate with the levels of each breed that have been detected.

BioPet Vet Labs state that they “believe that 92.5% of the mixed breed dog population in the USA is covered by the 63 validated breeds”. The validated Breeds are based on breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

Proof of Parentage
The DNA Proof of Parentage Kit uses swabs for the sire and dam, as well as the puppy, to determine the puppy’s parentage. Once a dog is tested, simply retain the DN numbers to include them in any future parentage analysis. Once your dogs' profile is entered, you never have to re-enter that information. The only way to be sure of your dog’s genetic makeup is dog DNA testing.

Dog breeders give careful consideration to the choice of parents before breeding. The DNA Proof of Parentage Kit gives peace of mind that the resulting puppies are the product of the intended lineage.

While some dog DNA tests require blood to be drawn, the DNA Breed Identification and DNA Proof of Parentage tests from BioPet Vet Labs do not. The collection of cells containing DNA is painless for your dog. The inside of the dog’s mouth and cheek are brushed with a cotton swab. Return the swab in the prepaid envelope and results will be analyzed and mailed within 2 weeks. Both simple, easy to use dog DNA test kits can be purchased at or in one of our retail stores.