Unruly Doodles: How-to Groom Their Coats

Bouncy, flouncy, adorable doodles. Their fans love them, but most will admit those coats can be a challenge to care for.

When curly poodle coat genetics meet dense double-coat genes, what results can be hair that tangles at warp speed. Since most Doodle fanciers are attracted to the typical fluffy and scruffy look of a well-maintained coat, they don't want that hard-to-control hair to be clipped short. Unfortunately, even skilled professional pet groomers find that some Doodle coats are demanding to manage. So here are some tips and tools to keep your Doodles locks looking lovely.

Brushing is Basic

At the root of keeping long, dense coats under control is a perfect brush. The Chris Christensen Big G slicker brush is a staple for many Doodle owners, with good reason. Not only are the pins long to reach deep into flowing coats, but it also has many more pins than most other slicker brushes. These pins are held in a soft pad that allows them to flex and move as you brush, making it gentler for your dog. The curved back gives excellent control as you work, and the handle is ergonomically designed to be pleasant for you to hold. This brush is designed to detangle, remove loose undercoat, and leave a lovely fluffy finish behind. The best way to use any slicker brush is to employ the "pat and pull" method. First, pat the brush into a section of the dog's coat near the skin, then pull it from roots to tip. Repeat, over and over!

Comb On 

A good comb serves as a tangle detector. Once you have brushed your dog from nose to tail, follow up by combing through the coat. To do this properly, use a "J" motion. First, insert the comb into the coat, then lift it to form the tail of a "J." The tines must reach to the pet's skin to be effective. If the comb does not move smoothly from the skin to the hair tip, go back with your brush and work on that area until the comb passes easily.

Smooth It

Coat sprays are a marvelous tool. Not only do they make brushing and combing easier, they prevent coat damage as you work. Damaged coats tangle more quickly, so investing in a good coat spray is a terrific idea. To use, spritz the area you are working on before you begin to brush. Then, once you complete each section, spray the next place you will be brushing. Bonus! A good coat spray will help repel dirt and leave a nice sheen to your pet's hair.

To maintain the long, lovely locks you crave on your pet Doodle, put these tools to work at least once a week. Regular baths, followed by a conditioner, will make brushing and combing more effective. Also, clean, brushed coats will not mat as quickly as dirty, unbrushed ones do.


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