Fitness is Fun: Get Outside For Canine Fitness Month!

rom blizzards to lockdowns, we’ve had plenty of reasons to huddle inside and binge our favorite shows with our favorite couch potato canine friends. With warmer weather finally here, it’s time to get outside and be active - and your dog would love to join you!

Regular exercise is crucial to combating obesity and sedentarism in both humans and pets. An abundance of food and treats without a corresponding amount of movement can lead to a lifetime of problems. Along with sore joints, difficulty breathing, a higher risk for cancer, canine diabetes, and more, obesity also shortens our pet’s lives.

Going for a few walks everyday or even playing an extensive game of fetch can be great ways to get in shape with your dog. This month we’re focusing on all the ways to get fit and have fun doing it for National Canine Fitness Month!

Get Walking With Leads, Collars, & Harnesses

Dogs need on average 30 minutes to an hour of active exercise a day - conveniently, so do humans! Getting started on regular exercise doesn’t mean you have to run or power walk the whole time, any pace is just fine to start. If you or your pup are new to exercise, consider starting gradually and be kind to sore muscles. Consider mixing up activities to keep things interesting and to minimize muscle soreness. A new lead or harness might be the perfect addition to motivate you and your dog!

Play a Game

Throwing a ball, frisbee, and running alongside the dog to get the ball are all fun and exciting ways to get exercise. Switch it up by creating obstacles and playing games like hide-and-go seek to keep you and your dog entertained!

Outdoor Safety 

Since you and your pet will be spending more times outside in the coming months, don't forget to protect them with sunscreen! Just like humans, dogs are prone to sunburn. Additionally, warm month brings along fleas and ticks - make sure your pet is prepared by stocking up on pest repel products.

Training Techniques

Even an old dog can learn new tricks. Incorporate dog aerobics into your dog training by playing fitness games. Using low-calorie or high protein treats and treat dispensing balls, you can work on active training techniques like stand-up, jump, spin, or roll over. To help ease the learning curve, try a high protein training treat.

Regardless of how you and your pup choose to exercise, it's important to incorporate fitness into your daily routine for a better life for both you and your pet!