How To Clean & Remove Hair From Dog's Ears

When it comes to maintaining and cleaning dog's ears some breeds require a bit more effort than others. Generally dogs with "hair", as opposed to fur, require removal or "plucking" of hair from the ear canal prior to cleaning. "Plucking" ear hair in dog breeds like Poodles, Bichons, Lhasas, and Schnauzers is necessary because these breeds have hair that grows inside the ear. These ear hairs regularly need to be removed in order to provide for better ventilation of the ear canal, preventing wax buildup and ear infections.

Removing Ear Hair

The hair growing inside the vertical ear canal is dead and relatively easy to remove so "plucking" the hair is not painful. It is best to "pluck" before using ear cleaning solution. Just remember not to pinch the inside of the ear wall and to remove a little bit of hair at a time. Be careful not to insert Q-tips or tools beyond the end of the vertical ear canal. The ear drum sits at the end of the horizontal ear canal so it is protected and out of reach.

There are special tools to aid with removing hair from the ear canal.

How to "Pluck" Ear Hair:

1. Separate the hair that is outside the ear canal from the hair that's inside the ear canal.

2. Sprinkle ear powder inside the ear to coat the dead hair inside the vertical ear canal; this will absorb some of the waxy coating of the hair and make it easier to grab the hair.

3. Grab small sections of the dead hair between your fingers or with the hemostat and pull it out gently. Hair around the outside of the ear canal can be easily removed with your fingers. Hair growing into the vertical ear canal is best removed using a hemostat.

4. This is dead hair and should come out easily not causing any pain for the dog.

5. Continue to pluck the hair in small sections until the ear canal is clear of any hair.

6. Once hair is removed you can proceed to cleaning the ears.

Watch the video on how to pluck ears below.

Clean the Ears:

Breeds with fur, those who generally shed, include most short haired or double coated breeds. Shedding dogs do not usually require "plucking", so maintaining and cleaning the ear canal requires only a couple of steps.

When cleaning the ear you will need the following items:

• Cotton Balls

How to Clean the Ears:

1. Squirt a generous amount of ear cleaning solution into the dog's ear.

2. Massage the base of the ear from the outside, about where the vertical canal meets the horizontal canal, to distribute the cleaning solution in the ear canal to dissolve the wax. Give the solution a couple of minutes to work.

3. You can let the dog shake any excess ear cleaner out, if they are so inclined.

4. Use a cotton ball to help wipe and remove dissolved wax and be sure to wipe wax away from the inside folds in the ear.

Note! If you detect redness and/or odor when you begin "plucking" and cleaning this is a sign your dog may have an ear infection and you should consult your veterinarian.

By: Claudia Loomis